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IMAGINE YOURSELF SLIM ... how to get there without dieting.

I really do think that dieting does not work. What it does do is to make you uneasy about food and upsets your metabolism. Imagine you are prepared to shelve your belief in dieting and imagine yourself like a slim person…how do you get there?

A. Transform your focus

1. Start by believing in yourself as a slim person. If you constantly think of yourself as overweight then you will not find it easy to lose the weight and keep it off. Focus on what you really want not what you don’t want, imagine how you would like to be, see a big picture of yourself, looking fantastic in your bathing suit, how good would you be feeling? Slim people have a much better self-image and getting slimmer involves having a more positive picture of yourself NOT seeing yourself as you are now focusing on ‘the extras’ around your waist or tummy or where ever you find them. Get that great confident feeling, by creating how you would like to be.

2. Understand your hunger. Slim people eat based on how hungry they are and when lunch time or tea time or dinner time comes around they don’t just fill up their plate because the food is there. Subconsciously, they judge how hungry they are before they start eating. Similarly, if they feel full during a meal they stop eating.
The next time hunger pangs strike, imagine you have a scale in your mind from one to ten. One means you’re starving ten means you’re not hungry. Check where you are on that scale before you put anything into your mouth. Only eat if you’re registering six or above – but don’t let yourself get up to nine or ten because then you’ll be so hungry that you might risk overeating. You can also use the scale to judge how full you’re getting.

B. Recognise REAL hunger

Hunger is the only good reason for eating. Most overweight people have got into the habit of eating when they are not hungry.  Slim people eat based on how hungry they feel before a meal. Many people have forgotten how to eat when they’re hungry and most diets tell you to ignore pleasure and ignore hunger and they also tell you when/how much and exactly what to eat.
The 'Imagine Yourself Slim' Programme offers you a FINAL solution for sensible, LONG-TERM weight management. IN JUST SIX WEEKS, you'll learn everything you need to know to LOSE WEIGHT STEADILY AND HEALTHILY.

You'll find out how to choose the FOODS YOUR BODY REALLY NEEDS and, more importantly, how to EAT WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY RATHER THAN JUST TIRED AND STRESSED.

You'll also pick up tips on how to enjoy a MORE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE by introducing easy EXERCISE INTO EVERYDAY LIFE and become empowered to make your OWN FOOD AND LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

 It is not about going on a diet, being instructed about what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO WEIGH YOURSELF.

This weight loss programme is NOT A DIET, BUT A NEW WAY OF LIFE and when incorporated into everyday life, its skills will enable you to make HEALTHY LIFE CHANGES - and stick to them.

The next time you think its time to eat practice the following exercise…

Use these 5 simple steps on the Hunger Scale

1. Ask yourself before you eat….’How hungry am I on a scale of 1 to 10?’
2. If you register 6, 7, or 8 you’re probably quite hungry so its time to eat.
>3. If you score 9 or 10 this is extreme hunger. When you’re eating at this level take it slowly.
4. If you register 5 or below, you are more than likely not hungry.
5. If you’re not hungry …what do you really want?

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