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Stop Smoking

A couple of years ago the largest study ever conducted into stopping smoking was undertaken (in the U.S.A.) It studied everything from; will power, nicotine patches, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum etc - and the conclusion was that "most techniques turned out to be hopeless, Hypnosis however came out as the most effective anti-smoking technique"


1.) 120.000 People in the UK die every year from smoking related illness.
500 people die from drink driving.
51 people have died from BSE since 1990

2.) Smoke 20 cigarettes per day for life and it will:

a. Reduce life expectancy by 10% (every cigarette equates to 11 minutes off your life expectancy
b. The cost to the individual is £100,000
c. The annual cost is currently £1,300
d. You will fill ashtrays with 444,000 cigarette stubs.

3.) Smokers children are 70% more likely to start smoking themselves.

Cigarette smoking is a nasty, health-destroying, often fatal and always expensive habit.
That's why nine out of ten cigarette smokers want to quit!
Are you one of them?

Stop smoking easily in just two hours.

If your problem is smoking and you are now ready to stop you'll be pleased to know that in a recent study Hypnotherapy was shown to be more successful than any other product, or  therapy, available on the market today.
With just one two hour session you can be free of this dreadful habit and live longer - maybe 10 years or more. Quit before age 35 and you can avoid early death almost entirely.

A landmark 50-year medical study from the UK shows that at least one-half of those who begin smoking young are eventually killed by the habit. Many of those deaths occur between ages 35 and 59.

This is a very personal, one-to-one, Stop Smoking Hypnosis treatment. No two sessions are ever the same because no two smokers are ever the same.

Before our first appointment you are requested to complete a simple diary. The answers you provide in this diary enable me to adjust the approach to your particular need. For some individuals a single session is sufficient whilst for others they may need to work with me a over a series of sessions. However, for most people a single 2- hour session is all that is required.

What happens in a session?

To begin with Kate will spend time finding out about your thought patterns and behaviors with regards to the reasons for smoking as well as all your motivations for stopping today. This will then give Kate an insight as to how best customize the session specifically for the individual. The session will then include hypnotherapy techniques, positive affirmations and suggestions and at the end you will be given a stop smoking tape to take away so that you can continue to reinforce the suggestions in your own time.
I will then also help you to break any emotional ties you have with smoking, teach you a few simple but effective psychological techniques that will make it even easier for you to overcome cravings and withdrawals.increasing your willpower and motivation and even assist you to reprogram your daily routine in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Hypnotherapy can help you quit cigarettes for good without weight gain. Some of our clients actually lose weight while quitting smoking due to an overall improvement in exercise and other health habits.
You may surprise yourself by actually enjoying the process.

This is what the American Heart Association says will happen when you quit**:  


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